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    And the only company in the world adapting new developments in physics, engineering, and medicine to the apparel industry (fashion, military, and emergency response).


    A patented new approach to apparel closure using rare earth magnets in new geometric patterns that we call Gausswear Bits.

    What is it?

    GaussWear is the implementation of a patented new generation of magnetism science applied to the fashion and apparel industries that makes your clothes appear to be free of gravity.

    It is a whole lot more than the magnetic buttons which people have been selling for years.   Not only do we replace buttons and zippers, we enable designers to create fashions which catalyze questions like “how does it stay up” and more….

    What does it do?

    Not only do pieces of fabric “stick” to each other, they can also stick to your skin (safely).

    They are not based on the water based adhesive which have kept bathing suits from riding up.  You don’t have to worry if you get caught in a heavy rain - your clothes will not fall off (they may cling provocatively, but they will not fall off).  You can have slacks which ride so low on your hips that it appears inevitable that they will fall to the ground in seconds - but they don’t.  You can have a tee shirt which is demure and conservative on the front but has no back whatsoever and no straps to hold it on.   You can have a dress where just a few quick movements of the magnetic attractors takes the neckline from high up and conservative to a daring plunge.

    How does it work?

    GaussWear is the implementation of a patented new generation of magnetism science applied to the fashion and apparel industries,

    Aligned so that they attract one another but can not slide against each other opening up seams or changing the desired fit.

    How do I use it?

    Magnetic field receptors, GaussWear bits, are sewn into unobtrusive sections of a garment or medical covering.

    The arrays of magnets are separate entities (less than 1/16th of an inch thick.   They can hold two receptors tightly together so they only open when you want them to.  The arrays can also be held directly onto your skin using special surgical tapes which have been proven to be dermatologically safe and incredibly resistant to water weakening.   Because the magnets are separate from the garment, everything is washable - and there is never an adhesive residue on your garments.

    Not just fashion

    Our technology can also be used to provide better protection to patients who are recovering from illness or injury and can protect healthcare workers by making it virtually impossible for seams to open up or garments to slip thereby exposing them to infectious agents.
    Tons of brand new uses in many venues

    More ...

    Lots more Amazing Innovative Way-out-there Ideas to think about here.

    One of our fashion advisers illustrated it very forcefully.   She was at a meeting with us and asked us where the cocktail dress she was wearing would be appropriate.   Our answer was “any event from casual to almost formal”.   Without saying a word, the took off her dress and stood there in just a bra and panties.  “Where could I wear this” she gently demanded ?   Swallowing hard we answered “in the bedroom or the bathroom”.   She agreed that walking up and down the street dressed like that would not be acceptable.   She left the room and came back wearing a Brazilian micro-kini which was much smaller than her underwear had been.   She could certainly wear the bikini in lots of places and generate nothing more than appreciative stares.


    Think about what it would be like if the bikini was held up with GaussWear technology.  No longer is it a very small bathing suit - it is a fashion statement based on a whole new technology.   She could wear the bikini (at least the top) to very dressy events because it was a new class of garment which had no social restraints on where she could wear it and where she could not.

  • FAQ

    How strong is the pull of the magnets?
    Depending on the size and orientation of the magnets, we can achieve over 50 pounds per square inch.


    What about safety?

    This is really two questions - medically safe and protection against wardrobe malfunctions.  There is no credible evidence that magnets do any kind of damage, even at field strengths 100 times what we generate.   In addition, our array patterns exhibit similar field alignments as Halbach arrays where all the magnetic flux comes out one side and the other side show virtually nothing.  


    As to wardrobe malfunctions, you are protected against stresses several time what you would see in normal wear.   Are you safe when you get a direct hit from a tsunami - no, but if that happens to you you have a lot more to worry about than the state of your wardrobe.


    GaussWear was founded by David Pensak who had a teen age son who loved to wear his slacks hanging low on his hips. The first version incorporated magnets into the waistband of his slacks with the restraint magnets taped onto him at a negotiated position. His pants could sink to that level but they would go no further. A major manufacturer of pants has expressed interest in licensing our technology and using the name “The butt stops here”.


    Several years of effort went into developing the technologies that protected the interests of teenagers and parents - ultimately growing into GaussWear, the only company in the world adapting new developments in physics, engineering, and medicine to the apparel industry (fashion, military, and emergency response).


    We are always interested in collaborating with innovative designers who will go wildly creative with our technology.


    GaussWear has been named to Global Entrepreneurship Week's annual "GEW 50" - a list of 50 innovative new companies selected as finalists of its Startup Open competition.  This is the forth consecutive year that GaussWear founder, Dr. David Pensak has had a company earn a spot on the GEW 50.

    GEW award list

    Global Entrepreneurship Week unveils list of innovative new start-ups

    "GEW 50" demonstrates that entrepreneurship is more than mobile apps

    October 2014




    Global Entrepreneurship Week today announced its annual "GEW 50" – a list of 50 innovative new companies selected as finalists of its Startup Open competition. Sixty-four percent of the start-ups on the list originated outside of the United States.

    The GEW 50 recognizes startups from 19 countries representing an even more diverse range of industries—including biotechnology, communications, education, energy, entertainment, fashion, finance, health/medical and more.

    “Entrepreneurship is more than just the latest collection of mobile apps targeted toward consumer convenience and entertainment,” said Jonathan Ortmans, president of Global Entrepreneurship Week. “It is an increasingly global phenomenon with new and young firms driving innovation and solving real-world challenges regardless of where they are located.” ...


    The countries represented by the 2014 GEW 50 are: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.

    For a complete list of the GEW 50, visit GEW 2014.


    Startup Open is organized by Global Entrepreneurship Week and supported by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Dell.



    It would be great if we could actually repeal the laws of gravity, but of course we can not - no more than we can make time go backwards.   But clever design and GaussWear Bits make your clothes appear to be free of gravity.  You could make jaws drop while at the same time achieving a level of comfort that has been, until now, physically impossible.


    In the coming months GaussWear will be introducing fashions conceived by some of the top designers in the world, that will challenge the eyes and the brains of observers to wonder how they can believe (or not) what they are seeing.


    And this is just the beginning...


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    For more details or product samples please contact us. A representative or one of our materials scientists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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